Here are a few new protocols Atomic Camera Support will be implementing to help keep everyone safe on set.

Dolly Packages

We know first-hand how crucial communication is between a Camera Operator and a Dolly Grip. To support social distancing on set, all of our dolly packages will now include lightweight, wireless headsets which will allow uninterrupted, private communication between the Camera Operator and Dolly Grip. Sanitized, hands-free headsets will be provided with all dolly packages
free of charge.

We are also looking into ways to modify the tracking bars on each of our dollies to increase the distance between the Dolly Grip and Camera Operator.

Jimmy Jib Packages
We now supply wireless video transmitters with all of our remote head Jimmy Jib packages. In the past, on many single camera jobs, the DP or Director viewed the Jimmy Jib camera feed from the operator’s monitor mounted on the Jib… usually looking over the Jib Operator’s shoulder. The operator will now transmit the video signal to the Director or DP viewing the feed on a hand-held field monitor. This new protocol will help promote social distancing.
The wireless video transmitter and field monitor will be provided free of charge.

In addition to providing wireless video, all of our remote-head Jimmy Jib packages will also include wireless, 2-way communication for up to three people. Cordless, lightweight headsets will provide clear communication between the Jib Operator, DP, Director or AC all from a safe distance. Sanitized headsets will be provided
free of charge on jobs that do not already provide intercom to the Jib Operator.

Camera Support Accessories
As many of you know, providing clean, well maintained equipment has always been a priority at Atomic Camera Support. We're going to up our game when it comes to providing clean gear.

All small rental items like tripod head adapters and miscellaneous accessories will be sanitized and placed in shrink-wrapped packaging as soon as they come back from a rental. Dana Dolly, Cable-cam, HD Monitors, fluid heads and larger support accessories will be throughly cleaned after a rental, then sealed in cases prior to going back out on rental. This should provide some peace of mind knowing that you are the first to break the seal on clean gear when it arrives on set.

We hope these new protocols and additional offerings will provide more confidence when it comes to crew health and safety on set.